The videos from the STEREO in SOLO album "Somewhere out there"



Trailer Somewhere out there

Flowers on the moon




Electric city of light





Zapper la télé (unreleased 1990 track)

The XTended Versions EP





Secret Secret

Trailer Flowers On The Moon Remixes







Flowers On The Moon remixed by Fused

Flowers On The Moon remixed by The Frixion





Flowers On The Moon remixed by Graflex

Secret Secret remixed by DJ Le Max





 Flowers On The Moon Remix Nature of Wires

Somewhere in the Electric City trailer





Electric City of Light remixed by Mystic Experience






The videos from the STEREO album "Back to somewhere"



Trailer Back to somewhere...

The story behind the cover

No more 2015 version

Waiting in vain

Somewhere in the night 2015 version

I'll go crazy (Turn on the radio)

Friday bloody Friday


Let's get minimal

New day dawning

Somewhere in the night (remix version)

Moving in, moving in (remix by Nick Damon)




The videos from the STEREO album "Somewhere in the night"



Somewhere in the night

No more

TV News


The devil's answer

Nowhere in the island

Lover on the run

Black Jack







 I wanted to create some links to the artist I love.


Making a selection is always a terrible frustration,

because I'm afraid of overlooking someone I love.


there are so many wonderful composers and musicians,

one would love to have a million web pages...


... especially for the great classic composers.


A special mention goes to my favourite band The Blue Nile



The Blue Nile (Official) --- --- --- --- --- The Blue Nile (Fan pages)





David Bowie --- The Rolling Stones --- Rickie Lee Jones --- Joni Mitchell --- Bjork


The Beatles --- Jacques Brel --- David Sylvian --- Elliot Smith --- Kate Bush


Deacon Blue --- Radiohead --- Prefab Sprout --- Goldfrapp --- Craig Armstrong


Procol Harum --- Peter Gabriel --- Steely Dan --- Michael Jackson --- Portishead


Alain Bashung --- Eric Clapton --- Bruce Springsteen --- The Bee Gees --- Bob Dylan


Pet Shop Boys --- Miles Davis --- Jaco Pastorius --- Burt Bacharach --- Randy Newman


Sparklehorse --- Genesis --- Talk Talk --- The Divine Comedy --- Propaganda --- Fiona Apple










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